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Matt Skoda advertised to form a new band after moving to Nashville.  Using the app Nextdoor, the original four members created the band and named it Next Door Boys.  Those original members included Matt on drums, Daniel on bass & vocals, Miles on guitar and Joe on keys.

During this period, Daniel left the band and new member Kai was added on bass while Wyatt took over on vocals.  Kai subsequently left the band briefly and his duties were taken over by Kyle on bass.  Upon Kai's return to bass, Kyle took over on rhythm guitar.  Joe left the band and was replaced by Joseph.

The band continued to evolve and in late 2020 the vocals were handled by new member Ethan.  Upon launching a record label deal, the band had to make several decisions about direction of original music and the sound as well as the commitment to a record label, relaunch and touring..  

The band was renamed SKODA paying homage to the founder and drummer Matt while also offering up a new logo and name that more represented the bands direction.

The band is now comprised of Matt on drums, Kai on bass, Derek on guitar and Ethan on vocals.

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